venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

Bluebeard's castle

The location we chose for this collection was very inspiring. We found this beautiful abandoned house that looks really like a castle!
So the first thing that came to our mind thinking about secrets+a key + a castle was... Bluebeard!

Yes we are kinda creepy

 Barbebleue is an old tale by Charles Perrault. It tells about a very rich man who can't find a wife because of his frightening blue beard and because he has already been married to several wives, and nobody knew what had happened to them.
He finally marries this beautiful girl. A month after the wedding, Bluebeard tells his wife he has to leave for work for six weeks at least and gives her all the keys to open aaaaall the doors of the castle. He tells her to open them all, go into each and every one of them except a little closet. Of course she promises to follow his orders.
After a while she gets bored and the temptation is so strong that she has to open that little closet.
What she finds out scares her to death: floor is covered with blood and walls with bodies of dead women. She is so shocked that the key falls out of her hands.
When she recovers, she tries to wipe off the blood from the key, but she can't, “for the key was magical and she could never make it quite clean; when the blood was gone off from one side, it came again on the other.”
Bluebeard comes back from his journey the same evening and when she gives him back all the keys he finds out she has opened the forbidden closet. So he decides to kill her.
For the original ending of the story you can look here 
but we have our personal happy ending...that you can imagine looking at our collection! 

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